B. Sc.

Bachelor of Science

About Course

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is one of the most hunt degree courses in Science. It introduces students with the fundamentals theory of science and thereby focuses to develop skills of observation, understanding, and find out the reasons. This aim is achieved by systematic experimentation, modeling and calculations. The Bachelor of Science gives the opportunity to harness the skills and knowledge necessary to make a real contribution in cutting-edge pure and applied science to new multidisciplinary fields of science. Acquiring the skills you will be well prepared for many diverse and exciting careers. We Harivandana College Affiliated to Saurashtra University offer 5 (five) different core specializations having wide application for applied sciences and fulfilling the requirement for a successive career. We offer following courses.

  • Chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Botany


Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc. 

The minimum eligibility criterion for admission in B.Sc. is

Higher Secondary Exam (10+2) passed in discipline of Science from Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) or any other board recognized by Saurashtra University.


Diploma awardees (Passed) which are recognized by Saurashtra University

Course Duration

The course compromises of 6 Semesters during time period of three year

During the course student can select any three subject of interest offered by college (mentioned above) for four semesters. Semester 5 and 6 (third year) are for specialization in any one subject of interest selected by the student.  At the end of 6 semesters a student has cleared 10 papers of his/her special subject, which awards them a Bachelor degree from Saurashtra University.

After This Course

  • Science graduates are valued by proprietor and find rewarding careers across a wide range of Industry and Government sectors.
  • Bachelor of Science graduates enjoy the opportunity to pursue a career in many different fields, both in India and overseas
  • The active pursuit of RESEARCH in science and technology is an area which graduates are encouraged to consider after their initial undergraduate studies.

    Bachelors of Science > Master of Science > Research Employment
    Bachelors of Science > Master of Science > PhD > Research Employment
    Bachelors of Science > Master of Science > PhD > Professional Scientist > Employment

  • Science graduates contribute to the development and MANAGEMENT of science-based companies. Their ability to deal with technical complexity and to analyse and solve difficult problems using rigorous methodologies make them ideal for many business roles.

    Bachelors of Science > Master of Management > Employment

  • Many science graduates will inspire future generations of scientists by TEACHING in primary and secondary school colleges across India and around the world  

    Bachelors of Science > B.Ed. > Employment in Primary and School
    Bachelors of Science > M.Sc. > B.Ed. >Employment in Higher Secondary Schoo
    Bachelors of Science > M.Sc. > PhD > Employment in colleges (Assistant Professor)


  • Graduates may combine a passion for science and an interest in LAW to become equipped to address the need for experts well-versed in both scientific and legal concepts. 

    Bachelors of Science > LLB  > Law Practice or Employment in Industry as Lawyer


  • Students can also apply for COMPETITIVE EXAMS of state government as well as of central government thereby peruse their carrier in various government organizations.

    Bachelors of Science > Preparation for competitive exam > Employment

  • The Bachelor of Science prepares graduates for increasingly inter- and multi-disciplinary science careers.
  • Wherever science graduates are employed in cutting-edge research laboratories or in the applied sciences, their breadth of knowledge about the sciences and focused specialization by way of a major will place them in the best position to excel in their chosen career.
  • There is a wide range of career opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

Future scopes





Industrial Chemistry

Analytical Chemist

Botanical Survey of India

Research institutes
(ISRO, NASA, BARC, etc.)

IT Firms

Pharmaceutical Industry

Bio-medical Chemist

Environmental/Food Biotechnologists

(Radiology technicians)

Research Firms

Petroleum Industries

Industrial Research Scientist

Forest services (IFS)

Material Science industry

Public service and Government Jobs

Power generation industry

Lab Chemist

Agriculture Industry

Electronic industries


Chemical Industries

Materials Technologist

Seed and Nursery Companies

Research Laboratories and Institutes

Government Communications Security Bureau


Production Chemist

Biotechnology Firms

Educational Institutes

Meteorological Service


Quality Controller


(x-RAY technicians)

Teacher, Lecturer, Instructor

Teaching Field

R&D Director

Municipal Corporation as Botanist

Power Generating

Research Professional

Lab Chemist

Research & Development Manager

Civil services

Aviation Industry

Coaching Centers

Production Chemist

Safety Health and Environment Specialist

Educational Institutes

Pyrotechnics Manufactures

Government Organizations

Chemical Engineering Associate

Chemical Engineering Associate DMLT

Environmental Management and Conservation

Material Science Industry

Financial Institutes

Biomedical Chemist


Industrial Laboratories

Electronic industries