College Campus


The Institute is located at Munjka, near Saurashtra University, south to the Rajkot City. The Institute has a beautiful lush green campus with ecofriendly environment. The campus is packed up with different types of facilities. Our buildings are huge and live. You can feel fresh breezes and can feel the calmness with soothing nature where birds keep on chirping and trees and plants start talking with you. We have enough facilities, infrastructure and public spaces to make it a unique and welcoming destination to inspire our staff, students and local community. We keep on updating our campus by various art and crafts and feel good designs. You will find traditionally decorated walls which carry our culture and proud of heritage. You will see the birds residing in beautiful nests specially made for them from the clay pots. Rather than focusing on mechanics, we believe to chill in the lap of nature. But but but, that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in technology and machines. Check out more for laboratories, tech equipped classes and the arsenal we commonly call Library!

Computer Lab

Gadgets are inseparable part of our life in this era. Computers do have their primary and secondary role in any type of institutions nowadays. Computer labs are available for instructional, drop-in, and training use. Other departments and units have computer labs which are available for campus-wide use. We are having well equipped air-conditioned computer lab with latest configuration with 125 Computers. Lab computer platforms include Windows and Unix (Linux). Capacity in computer labs ranges from 8 to 48 workstations and locations are distributed throughout the campus. In some locations, computer labs are equipped with specialised instructional technology equipment i.e. HD data projectors, scanners. Most of the labs are staffed with proper training Faculties.

Science Lab

Robert Heinlin once said, “Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.” For making things happen in practical, for shaping our science think tanks, we are having 6 well equipped Science Laboratories with latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. handled by highly qualified staff to expand scientific knowledge with real experiments. We are having well maintained laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Botany. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments as it is the first and foremost need of the field.


Not us but Albert Einstein himself said that the only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library. Library plays the role of an arsenal. The College Library is very important place for students to work. The library doesn’t only consist academic books but also armed with other books of literature. The modern collection is superbly stocked and it is kept up to date with regular purchases. Undergraduates can find books for making their concepts rock solid and Postgraduates can find suitable books for their research or taught courses. Our treasure contains 16,000+ books of various fields which can be helpful in academics and in general as well.

Reading Area

We provides a unique reading environment for the knowledge seekers in the college. It is well equipped with digital reading material as well for the readers. It is the area where readers and knowledge seekers can find their best under peaceful environment. Students of Arts, Commerce, Science, Medicine, Law, Education and Social Work students and faculties from different departments are availing the benefits of this facility.

Bus Service

Education is one of the powerful aspect in Women Empowerment which plays a reasonable role to develop HER as a contributive citizen in Nation’s prosperity. We provide free transportation to each and every girl affiliated to Harivandana College for making the study easier for them. Distance has never been a barrier for us when it comes to educate a girl child.